Northbrook Concert a Festive Success

We play in hot, Brazilian climes, and also chilly Christmas times, Oh, Oboe Reed, Oh Oboe Reed, you make a sound so lovely! (ahem, ahem!!)
The December Holiday Concert at the Northbrook Public Library in northern suburb of Chicago, Illinois was a wonderful experience. Steve Gianni and the rest of the staff were very hospitable and the library was very impressive. We had a great turnout, many friends and relatives to go along with the locals who showed up or stopped by. I was tempted to tell Ling-Fei to speak in Chinese during the little pauses in between pieces. I think a good half or more were of the Asian/Taiwanese persuasion. I did my best to dress up appropriately, I hardly ever wear that red sweater, green shirt combo.

New Photos are up in the gallery!

Thanks to all who helped make this a success, the library, my family, and our friends.

We’re posting new recordings as I write this. More on that to follow.

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