Storytelling Oboes

Children’s program: An educational/outreach concert designed for children from ages 6 to 13. Based on the fable of the Cricket and the Ant, children learn about the fundamental elements of music (tempo, pitch and dynamics) through active listening and interaction with the performers.

All Ages program: A concert based on music inspired by poems, folktales, folk songs, myths and fables from all over the world. These stories deal with life, love, and allegory.

Creative Sounds

A program that explores the sonic qualities and possibilities of the oboe and English horn, with original works written for the Duo that cover a broad spectrum of musical languages, featuring theatric elements and extended performing techniques.

Inspired by Nature

Music that was written with diverse and unique (perhaps quirky?) characteristics of the oboe in mind, describing various creatures and scenes from nature.


Oboe and English Horn Duo

Auletian Suite, Thomas Schuttenhelm*
Blake Songs,  Ralph Vaughan Williams**
Daughter of the Sea, Andrea Clearfield*
Dove Song, Daniel Morel*
Folksongs (American, Brazilian and Taiwanese)**
Mandarin Ducks , Phil Salathé*
Phantasy for oboe and English horn, Feng-Hsu Lee*
Portrait, David Macbride*
Re:pair, Alex Shapiro**
Scherzi, Five Duets for Oboe and English horn, Stephen Gryc
Shôji , Hilary Tann
Various Techniques, Ryan Jesperson*

Oboe, English Horn and Electronics

Pendulum, Kyong Mee Choi*
Suspensions, Ken Steen*

Two Oboes

3 Diversions for 2 Oboes, Jefferey Rathbun
Arias from Don Giovanni, Mariage of Figaro and The Magic Flute, W. A. Mozart
Canonic Sonata No. 1, G. P. Telemann
Conversations for 2 Oboes, Rodney Bennett
La cigale et la fourmie, Antal Dorati**
Le ballet espagnol, Gilles Silvestrini
Take Two Oboes, Thea Musgrave

Oboe Solo

Cinq pièce pour le hautbois, Antal Dorati
Collisions Études, Alyssa Morris
Diaphonic Suite No. 1, Ruth Crawford-Seeger
Horizon II, Micheline Coulombe St-Marcoux
Inner Song, Elliot Carter
Partita in G minor, BWV 1013, J. S. Bach
Six Metamorphoses after Ovid, Op. 49, Benjamin Britten
Three ExcursionsStephen Gryc

English Horn Solo

Imaginary Birds of the Frozen North, Phil Salathé
In the City at NightJenni Brandon

* Commissioned by Oboe Duo Agosto
** Arranged/transcribed by Oboe Duo Agosto

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