News and thank you!

The September Ikebana Concert in Montreal was a success and thanks to all who came and listened, and walked around the exhibition. If any of you have more pictures, please send them to us. We were mildly surprised that people stopped and listened attentively for the whole concert, as we were half-expecting people to keep viewing the wonderful flower arrangements and talk amongst themselves. Considering many of you had to stand, we really appreciate it!

A little bit of news, we are planning some holiday concerts, trying to drum up interest, and simultaneously working with some recording engineers from McGill University and The Hartt School. It was a good time and experience with our friends, Lily Lin and Han-Wei Lu, who play piano and cello, to work on pieces by Handel, Phil Salathé (our friend from Hartt) and some opera arrangements. We will use the recordings to apply for the chance to perform in Taiwan, and to post on this website, Youtube, etc.

Happy November!               – Charles

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